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About the Steve Irwin Memorial

The Steve Irwin Memorial was created on the shortly after the death of Steve Irwin on the 4th of September 2006 for the purpose of showing Steve and his family the worlds support and passion that he so greatly showed himself for wildlife. The memorial has been published in newspapers, broadcast on radio stations, and has appeared on CNN's 'The Situation Room' a phone interviewe on the 5th of September.

The webmaster, Richard Powell, is an eager fan of Steve Irwin after growing up with Steve's influence through watching the enthusiastic conservationist Steve Irwin on TV. Steve wasn't just a TV personality though - he did make good TV shows, but there was something more at work. Steve was a great human being for his kind nature, enthusiasm, and passion for preserving the world's wildlife habitat. He helped people forget about politics, terrorism, war, and corruption - he took people on his adventures around the world and showed us what really is out there. For that many of us are deeply thankful to Steve and devastated that the world has lost such a rare and wonderful person.

I think it is time to give back that passion and show him and his family how much the world supported and loved him.

When did you create the Steve Irwin Online Memorial?

As soon as I heard the news. I saw it as an opportunity to create (a.) a place for everyone to come together and show their condolences and support for Steve's family, (b.) a place to show Steve the same passion he did, (c.) and so Steve Irwin fans and Mourners alike can join together and form a community.

How can everyone contribute?

Believe it or not everyone can contribute to the website. There are many ways:

  • Tell your friends and family
  • Submit articles to newspapers, online news firms, and television
  • Post a link on your own website
  • Suggest websites link to us
  • Join our forums
  • Leave your condolence (one of the goals of this memorial site is to get as many condolences as possible and let Steve's family and friends know how many people are affected by Steve's death and are there for them)
  • You may also donate to the Webmaster:

All we need to do is continue to get the word out there and we will continue to fulfil our goals and come together, making the online memorial a place for mourners and fans of Steve Irwin to come together and share their feelings and condolences.

Thank you,
Richard Powell