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One Year On
11:26am on 4th, September, 2007

It has been a year since our much loved Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, died.

I encourage Steve Irwin fans and mourners to continue using the website and promoting it's cause; to remember Steve Irwin, his work, and dedication.

The Steve Irwin Memorial will be 1 year old on the 5th of September, 2007 and will continue to be an actively used and updated Steve Irwin Memorial and Fansite.

New Steve Irwin Media
11:28pm on 3rd, June, 2007

Just a heads up that there are new shows coming on air that are made by Bindi Irwin.

'My Daddy the Crocodile Hunter' will air at 8pm on Animal Planet in the States.

'Bindi the Jungle Girl' will play on Discovery Kids on Saturday at 5pm and again on Sunday at 8pm.

New Gallery Pictures
2:11pm on 2nd, October, 2006

There are new pictures in the gallery of Steve and his children.

Check them out and feel free to leave comments.

Random Picture

Steve Gets Close
Steve Gets Close
Steve gets close to feed this croc.

Latest Pictures

Steve holding a Platypus
Steve holding a Platypus
Steve showing some skin and holding a sm..

Terri Irwin holding a Koala
Terri Irwin holding a Koala
Terri Irwin smiles while holding a Koala..

If you wish to submit a picture then please post it in our Forum.

Latest Comments

Steve and Crocodile

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By numpiny from Namibia
Steve and Bindi

She has her dads eyes you morons that think,she has mosaics. Look at here now she still,has stves eyes and personality. Bobby has more of terrys,freatures but can still,see a bit of steve in,him,too.

By Diana from
Steve and Bindi

Thanks Steve, for inspiring lots of people and making the world a better place. Lots of people think about you! If you were still alive, you would be a great influence to young children and you would probably be rich. Bindi you are also a great inf..

By Maise from Australia
Tribute Painting

gee wiz i wish i was in that lamb's spot on his throbbing willy

By yasmin renshaw from newy

Bindi and Koala

Bindi and Koala

Bindi with a big smile holding a Koala.

Added: 5876 days and 11 hours ago | Views: 8511 | Comments: 20

Comments on Bindi and Koala

What a little cutie!

4213 days and 7 hours ago

Elizabeth, Ohio
4:26pm on Tuesday the 19th of July, 2011

there she is again man she is butt ugly i would be ashamed of her if i waz him

5040 days and 14 hours ago

TYLER, tulsa oklahoma
9:59am on Monday the 13th of April, 2009

Hey bindi I am so sorry about ur dad I am a big fan of his and still do and will always will

5097 days and 1 hour ago

brittany, salisbury/australia
10:39pm on Sunday the 15th of February, 2009

Hey bindi I am so sorry about ur dad I am a big fan og his and still do and will always will

Love Samantha

5097 days and 21 hours ago

Samantha, Salisbury
2:18am on Sunday the 15th of February, 2009

you are so cute, sweet and beautiful........your dad was a great man.take v.good care of yourself

5142 days and 13 hours ago

10:34am on Thursday the 1st of January, 2009

Prettie : D ! your a very lucky girl to have such a great dad . i have always wanted to go to his zoo . and check out all the crazy stuff he doess, well anywayss stay strong . and be happy . ii love you bindi !

5347 days and 17 hours ago

Tori - anne, c
6:36am on Tuesday the 10th of June, 2008

You are a brave soul, and I admire you greatly. I was a fan of your fathers since I was little. He was an amazing human being. We need more people like him in this world. You were very lucky to have him as a father. God bless you and your family.

5366 days and 15 hours ago

Miranda, Michigan
8:30am on Thursday the 22nd of May, 2008

You're very lucky to have a dad like steve, i never had a dad growing up, all my love to you and all your family!!

5466 days and 19 hours ago

Natasha, Wales, UK
4:59am on Tuesday the 12th of February, 2008

Hey Bindi!!!
Very nice pic of you and the Koala...he's very adorable.
Your dads spirit lives on in you and i know that you will do him so very proud with all that you do in your life.

5522 days and 9 hours ago

Jaime, UK
2:14pm on Tuesday the 18th of December, 2007

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad; i know that it has been a while, but i just fount this site, and so i thought that i would comment you to tell you that you are a very beautiful girl, and you are very brave. I would do anything just to be like you. You are my role model.

5562 days and 12 hours ago

Cristal, Texas
11:24am on Thursday the 8th of November, 2007

Hi Bindi
Me and my family feel so sorry for you and your family. How are you getting on 'Special Girl'. I lost my mum recently too so i no how it feels to have lost someone special that you love very much. so you take care sweety !!! just remember we all loved your dad. AND STILL DO. We love you Bindi.

5562 days and 21 hours ago

Sequoia Dahl-helm, Adelaide
2:55am on Thursday the 8th of November, 2007

hey bindi
you are so gorguz

Erin Braden

5579 days ago

erin braden, kingston,QLD
11:05pm on Monday the 22nd of October, 2007

Hey Bindi,

I think about you and your whole family everyday. You are pretty little girl. We all miss you dad heaps. You are all in our thoughts everyday. I love that koala its so cute.

5585 days and 5 hours ago

Dana, illinois Usa
6:22pm on Tuesday the 16th of October, 2007

hey bindi i think you are awsome
you rock just imagine what the
whole of australia is thinking
about your dad he rocks you do to
so dose your mum and brother

5619 days and 22 hours ago

1:11am on Wednesday the 12th of September, 2007


5626 days and 22 hours ago

1:05am on Wednesday the 5th of September, 2007

Stay strong bindi. You have people all over the world thinking about you! The world loves you.

And thank you Scott for saying that ii was getting tired of seeing that stuff 2!!

5671 days and 13 hours ago

CrocGirl55, VA USA
10:18am on Sunday the 22nd of July, 2007

Such a strong soul, with a bright future continuing Steve's endless work.

To the person who posted the rubbish, you are pathetic!! This certainly isn't the site to post your filth.

5754 days and 22 hours ago

Scott, Adelaide, South Australia
1:27am on Monday the 30th of April, 2007

I love you

5778 days and 16 hours ago

Josi, Sterling,CO
7:36am on Friday the 6th of April, 2007

To grow up with all the animals of the world is very special for a little girl, but it's heartbreaking to know that she lost her father on the age of 8. Keep up girl, we will never forget him.
Marjan Remmers, Anna Paulowna,
The Netherlands

5841 days and 18 hours ago

Marjan Remmers, The Netherlands
5:56am on Friday the 2nd of February, 2007

Bindi i think u r soooooo brave and you have soo many fans just like ur father!! He was a great man, he was my hero!! I was there at the memorial and it touched me to see you get up on stage and read about your father!! All my love to you, your mother, brother, and all ur family!!

5870 days and 8 hours ago

marcia, Florida
3:30pm on Thursday the 4th of January, 2007

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